"With life’s constant distractions and day-to-day issues, there is little time for spirit to soar.
This can create a lack in the human psyche for a peaceful existence.

"Lost in the confusion of the mind, sometimes assistance is needed.
By opening channels of light and awakening one’s truest essence
bring answers and true healing into the present moment."

- Shari


Shari is Native American from the east coast of the United States. As far back as she can recall she has been able to connect with her spirit guides and beings from other realms. Her longing for answers of the unseen world and her suffering from deep seated fear put her on a healing path.

Shari's journey took her where she was led to meet powerful healers and spiritual teachers. The biggest impact on her life was when she finally met her long-awaited teacher Papa Joe, the well-respected Tahunga Elder from New Zealand. Papa Joe recognized Shari's gift and for the next seven years his presence was a pivotal moment in her life. Papa Joe identified Shari's gift as a Spiritual Midwife, a link between the physical world and spiritual world. She cultivated her ability to access the blueprint and information on the individual’s complete story before the healing takes place. Shari learned how this ability brings to the surface the underlying core issue that needs to be addressed.

Shari remained one of Papa Joe’s chosen students until his passing. She then committed to continuing her healing practice and was truly humbled by the teachings he passed on to her. To this day, Shari's compassion and true understanding of the healing process creates a sanctuary for the person to release pain and suffering from the mind, body, and spirit. This facilitates the person to "return" to a pure state of being and for the spirit to come alive and be at peace.

Interview with Shari on the podcast "Awakenings with Michele Meiche"


Shari provides energetic healing in the tradition of the Maori healer Papa Joe, with whom she apprenticed for many years. Her work involves connecting with the higher realms and guides to access healing on a cellular level.

Shari uses many channels of energy to navigate the healing process. No two sessions are alike. Depending on the person and where they are at in their lives, the healing story begins. The intention behind every healing is to help the person reach a higher place within themselves. This is done by releasing "negative energy" stored in the body, mind, and spirit.

The process can be deep and profound. Sometimes years of emotional and mental pain can be let go of in a single session and results can be noticed almost immediately.

Sessions are available in:

  • Private individual healing
  • Group healing
  • House clearing
  • Business space clearing
  • Pet healing
  • Remote

Papa Joe

Papa Joe has passed down indigenous Maori teachings through a channeled source, Iris Loesel, in the book Returning to the Void. It was published the same day of his passing on September 21, 2006 and is available here through Amazon.


To schedule a session with Shari, please contact shari@help4healing.com.

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